Hotel facilities

Your comfort is our priority, that’s why we have added as many commodities as we could in your room. When not available in your room, you can ask for them at Reception Lobby

Facilities in your room

La Côte Océane provides a wide range of facilities in your room to ease your stay. When not available in the room, feel free to ask the receptionist

LCD TV screen

Watch your series or movies on TV


shower and bath kit made with sea salts and seaweeds. Available in the hotel shop: after-sun-lotion and dental kit

Vie Privée Intimacy

Your intimacy is essential. If you do not want to be disturbed, please let us know, we will guarantee your quietness


Wifi is available everywhere in the hotel

Laundry in your room

In your room if you want your towels to be replaced every day, put them in the sink

Safety box

A safety box (30*22) is available in the wardrobe

Wake up call

If necessary, ask our receptionist the eve of your wished wake-up-call

Cooling fan

Cooling fans available at Reception Lobby

Hair dryer

Available on request or in the wardrobe

Once outside of your room

Additional offer in the hotel, once checked out, we can take care of your luggage…introduce you to a guide….

Thalasso Valdys

Aqua recreation space with sea water, only 1 km far from the hotel to be paid on the spot

Luggage facility

luggage room available, porterage service available on request

VIP welcome

Champagne & macarons
Muscadet and oysters
Sauternes & Foie Gras
bouquet of flowers on previous request

Wine card

choice of wines and champagne available at the Patio

Rafraîchissement Drinks (soft and alcohol)

Fresh beverage available at reception desk or Patio

hot beverage

rare teas and coffees available at reception desk or Patio

Tourist Information

A space, dedicated to touristic information, is available at reception lobby

Public parking lot

The hotel does not offer any private parking spaee but three free public parking lots


Snackings “around soil and sea produces” available at The Patio