Saint Jean de Monts is a good place not only for its various activities but also for its entertainments and festivities : A tout vent Festival, Caval’Océane, Kids Folies, Winter sports along the sea, Kevin Mayer…

Glance on the main activities

Take the opportunity of a stay at La Côte Océane to enjoy and attend activities

Saint Jean de Monts


Every year, a great equestrian meeting takes place on the beach of Saint Jean de Monts: races, shows, first time pony for kids and adults… Many other new things happen every year late September.

Saint Jean de Monts


For 25 years during summertime, Saint Jean de Monts has programmed an original and free cultural show, aiming at offering to a large audience brand new spectacles created by theatre companies

Notre Dame de Monts

Wind Festival

Contemplate strange objects in the air and attend workshops for kids, first-time practicing, full nature games.. In the evening, a unic parad is taking place, musically animated by DJs, to enjoy the event till night comes to its end…

Saint Jean de Monts

Cie t’as la Trouille

Every year, this true phenomenon for kids depicts elfs, gnomes & bogeymen through workshops, exhibitions and the famous pumbins’ ball

Saint Jean de Monts

Kid’s Folies

Spring holidays are dedicated to kids from 3 to 12 years old, with holly moments in family. Every year, a huge sand sculpture is erected in front of Odyssea. Workshops, spectacles and a great parade to close the event

La Barre de Monts

Winter sports along the sea

Halloween holidays and February holidays are dedicated to original winter sports along the sea : imagine Mountain sports practiced along beaches : sledging on pine needles, snowshoe trek on the sand, sleigh dogs…


Find also…

Go and visit la planète sauvage (the wide planet) an original zoo, L’Île aux Papillons (the butterflies’ Island), Deambul (yawl barging in the Perrier marshes)